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MD.Life Potassium Magnesium (90 Ct) Case of 12

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SAY GOODBYE TO MUSCLE SORENESS AND SPASMS! - Everyday is a new challenge and you must be prepared for it, not suffer from muscle spasms and soreness. Using the benefits of magnesium and potassium to relax your body and mind, MD.LIFE Potassium Magnesium will keep stress away and provide you the energy to fuel your active lifestyle.

AN OLD ENEMY OF STRESS AND FATIGUE - The benefits of magnesium are not a recent discovery. Essential for life and necessary for health, this extraordinary mineral will help your body perform well under stress and reduce symptoms like fatigue and muscles spasms. Release stress from your body and mind with this high absorption magnesium & electrolyte supplement that will not let you down!

RAPID RESULTS FOR ACUTE MUSCLE CRAMPS - It is well-known that muscle cramps are a common result of low levels of potassium in the blood. Having an optimum amount of potassium, MD.LIFE Potassium Magnesium is a high-absorption supplement that prevents hypokalemia and alleviates muscle cramps and tension.

NO-CHEMICALS FORMULA - No chemicals are required to relax your muscles and feel surprisingly fresh after the day's efforts. We believe that nature offers all the necessary ingredients for high-quality supplements that really improve your health, not compromise it.

Therefore, MD.LIFE Potassium Magnesium contains no artificial additives or preservatives and is formulated with magnesium, potassium, and electrolytes for optimal muscle health and nerve transmission.